Thursday, June 2

And Then There Were 6!

Yes, yes.  It has been a while (again!)  But we have good reason for neglecting this space.  Our family has doubled since we first started this teeny tiny adventure.  We started out as 3: tGirl, tBoy and tDog.  And then we got the cutest little fluffy thing, tDog2... So then we were 4.
At first tDog1 wasn't sure about the new addition and was reluctant to share her (teeny tiny) space...
But now, she 'tolerates' tDog2 much better :)!
We recently adopted two little girls :)... And so now we are 6.
Taking the ferry boat home
tBoy and I have been busy learning the parenting thing.  The girls A* and L* just turned 4 and 2 years respectively.  We have been introducing the girls to life in the mountains...
Snow at the top of the mountain!
Walks in the forest
Walks along the river
River beach
Throwing rocks into the river (amazing how that keeps them entertained!)
Running race at the river.  L* wiped out right at the start, A* won!
Going for a dip in the lake
 The Pacific Ocean: Running and climbing
Climbing in the forest
Climbing up the screeeee!
Learning to ride bikes

Garden helpers
Not-so-dwarf dwarf rabbits :)!
Little bunny on a leash
Toad!  (Caught for visit and released back into nature, of course!)
Checking out toad while dressed up as garden fairies
Chicks and a little lamb :)!
Watching a mason bee hatch
Learning the art of stick throwing
So much fun to be had with straw bales
Riding around town
tDog1 too!
Jumping around (even tDog2 joined in!)

Climbing gym
As I type this, we are away on a little trip.  Spending time in a cabin in the woods...

Many hours reading in the hammock
Soaking in the Sun
Hanging low with the pups
Wood-burning hot tub :)!
What are we doing here you wonder?... Well, we are looking for LAND!
What?  Didn't we just buy a house?  Yes.  BUT.  We are craving more wilderness.  More forest.  More space.  More connection to nature.  We want to grow food and have (more) animals!  Stay tuned.  I'll be back with more details very soon!
Bye for now from our not-so-teeny-tiny family :)!
P.S. We are excited to be in the current issue of Mother Earth News!!  Check us out on page 35 :)!


  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. Have been reading since the beginning! Congratulations! You have the most amazing family, can't wait to read more!

    1. Hello pinappleprincess,

      Thanks for reading and for your comment! Always nice to hear from people who read about our adventure :)!


  2. Awww... thanks so much for sharing this snapshot of your expanding family! Made me grin with a happy heart! :)
    Looking forward to the next update!