Thursday, August 11

We Sold Our House!! (and why we did it)

Yep!  We SOLD our HOUSE!  Yep.  After living in it for only one year.  So the teeny tiny LIVING adventure is not over yet :)!  We are back to living small! About 330 square feet of small - so less teeny tiny, but hey, we just doubled in size, remember?!  

Our HOME for the next while!!

What??!  So how did this happen you wonder?

Just over a year ago we went stomping around in the snow in search of land in the coastal mountain area where we live(d).  After looking at all the properties near to us, we did not find anything that we loved.  But once we opened the door to owning land (instead of renting from a landlord for the bus), we ended up buying a house (logical, no?  Uh.  Yeah… sort of, right?)  In a way we were just as surprised as our family and friends were that we bought a house (!) because it wasn’t what we had set out to do, in fact, it seemed almost contrary to what we had been doing – living small and not being tied down to a mortgage.  But we wanted some control over our space and so to make ourselves feel better we called it our five-year-plan – we figured that in five years its value would appreciate and we would sell it to buy some forest (our master plan - yah!!)

When we explained this to people, I would catch tBoy calling it our three-year-plan or our two-year-plan.  Really what he was saying was: “this is temporary and this is not our ideal”.  So what was wrong with this house?  I mean, it had mountain views and was minutes from the Pacific Ocean, rivers, lakes, forest.  The house backed onto crown land (hence it would never be developed) and it was surrounded by the best mountain biking trails.  And as for the house itself, it was only a few years old – so it was modern and spacious. 

We chose it because it was not so big
Nice open concept in the main space
Big windows that looked out onto forest
A master bedroom (also with forest view) that was hard to fill because it was almost the size of the bus!
One of 2 bathrooms with flushing toilets :)!
tGirl's office
Kids' room

BUT.  You knew that was coming, right?  But.  We were in a row of houses.  But we had neighbours super close to us (i.e. little (no) privacy in the front or back yard).  But we had lawn (what IS the purpose of that??!).  But our dogs could not roam free range (nor our kids) etc. etc.  And also, all of a sudden we had this house to fill.  In today’s standards, it is considered a small house, but still!  It was seven times the bus.  And we supposed that since we bought the house, we should not leave it empty (that would be just weird!)  So we filled the house (since we had gotten rid of all our stuff to live in the bus).  And we found ourselves in a new house with new stuff – it was a bit odd, like we were in some foreign place (because we were!)

And we were silent.  We didn’t post here.  We weren’t feeling inspired about our home or our life.  About having a mortgage that required tBoy to work full time, about not being able to have gardens and animals (instead of lawn!), about not being able to let our children stay outside without worrying about cars driving by too fast, about needing to keep our dogs on leash right in front of our house (!), about having to mow the lawn and weed (!!)  We felt that the mortgage was our ticket into the rat race.  And we never wanted to be rats!  

As we hummed and hawed about how to live the life we want, the world discovered our part of the rainforest and housing prices shot up – by a lot.  In the span of a year, our little town became much more like the city: no parking, traffic, people everywhere.  Our house appreciated more in one year than we had hope for in five!  So we came to the most logical conclusion: SELL! And live the life we want NOW instead of later.

So what IS that life?  It involves owning 9 acres of forest and includes a view of the lake!  It requires a lot of bushwhacking, an excavator and baths in the lake...  Speaking of which, I'm going to jump into one as it is 32 degrees out (that's 90 degrees for our friends down south)!  More details in the upcoming post (to be written after said dip in the lake!)

Beating the heat with some SUP.  tDog2 was ever so patient!
No we're not crazy!  Life is short.  Do what you love.  Now!
 P.S. We just got contacted by CBS News to include photos of our bus for a write up... The teeny tiny LIVING Bus lives on!!

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