Sunday, April 23

Homesteading 102: Home

So where are we living these days?  How did we go from school bus to house to... trailer?!  Well.  When we sold our house and bought a raw piece of land (i.e. land with no house), we were technically homeless.  We saw it coming, of course... so we had some time to plan for it... sort of!  The sequence of events was as follows...

We sold our house on the Coast and packed up all our stuff and headed to the interior.  We didn't get possession of our new property for 2 and 1/2 weeks.  So for the first week, we rented the cabin where we stayed when we came searching for land...

We only had it for a week because it was the middle of Summer, so the cabin was booked.  When we headed away from the Coast we didn't know where we would sleep for the 10 days before we got possession of the land.  We also didn't know where we would sleep when we got possession since there was no house on it.  Our loose plan was that hopefully there would be a spot for us at the Provincial Campground (which is fully booked months in advance, but did have several overflow sites, one of which we hoped to get - but we had to go in person the day before... so we had no guarantee!).  Also in that time, we hoped to find a trailer through Craig's List or something... :)!  Oh, and did I mention that we only had a 2-person tent (even though we had 2 kids and 2 dogs too).  We hadn't equipped our lives for camping with 2 kids yet.

So what happened?!  It all worked out :)!  We spent a lovely week in the cabin.  tBoy's mom was with us as she was visiting from France.  When she bought her ticket, we didn't know we were selling our house and moving, so she came along for this adventure!  (So helpful with the packing and moving!) We got a chance to show her why we love this place. While at the cabin, we made use of the WiFi (there was no cell reception) to search for a trailer.  We bought the first one that we saw! We then managed to get a spot at the campground (showers, cell and WiFi reception, but no electricity to charge our phones) where we stayed until the day we got possession of the land and moved the trailer there the same day.  Phew!!

We considered different options for our new home: yurt, another tiny home, canvas tent, rental house in town (nah, we wanted to be on the land!)... and ultimately decided on a trailer.  Why?  Because it is move-in ready: plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation (sort of) etc.  Honestly, it is actually the original tiny home!

Ok. Admittedly, the decor... Ugh the decor!  But we knew that we were going to gut it and fix it up... Yikes, there was so much brass!  And nasty wallpaper!!

Those window coverings! And the couch! And the wallpaper!
These were everywhere- why?!
Seriously, the brass was never-ending!
There was even an entertainment unit with a massive TV (not a flat screen) and a built in stereo.  No thanks - haven't had TV for over 15 years. 

I don't have many photos of "before" as I was not inspired to take photos!
Trailer conversion to cozy home - First we ripped out ALL the fixtures... all the brass (yah!)
During the "renos", the entertainment area was the girls' room
Bye bye stereo speakers and cabinet doors
tBoy wanted to line the inside of the trailer with wood like the bus, but I decided to go with colour instead: Teal!

Juggling taping, priming (wait to dry), first coat (wait to dry), second coat and real life (such as feeding kids, dogs and ourselves etc.) was not fun.  We lived in a mess (below) for what seemed like forever!!  Oh.  And during this whole time, we had no water or electricity. 

Once all the walls were painted, it was time to get rid of more brass!  All the cabinet handles, knobs and hinges had to go!
Bye bye brass!
 Make-over time: RED!
Nothing a little spray paint can't fix
And then it was time to tackle the flooring.  Carpet-be-gone!!
Yes, that's a puppy trying to be helpful.  Not to to worry, no one was hurt.
tDog2 was a bit attached to the carpet!
TADA!  New flooring looks so much better :)!
As for those cabinet handles and knobs...
And the spray painted hinges...
Even the inside of the cabinets got painted...

VoilĂ !  Our hOMe :)!
The eating nook and the kitchen 'island' for food prep
The livingroom
The kitchen
tGirl's office
The master bedroom
The shower (also with a skylight above like the bus)
Remember the add on?  What's inside?
Completed exterior photos coming soon!
It's part mudroom (for jackets, shoes and gear) and part sitting area to warm up by the wood stove...  tBoy finally got his wood stove :)!  And it also contains the girls' room...
Isn't she adorable?  (We still need to do the tiling below her)
Cozy up by the wood stove with a floor to ceiling window to enjoy the view
Pocket door decorated by tBoy that leads into girls' room.  On the right is the original entrance to the trailer.
A*'s bed (L*'s bed will be added above to make a custom bunk - not yet completed)
Girls' dresser and book/toy/craft/art shelf
So there you have it folks.  Our new 'cabin' in the woods.  It's about 600 square feet which is three times the size of the bus, but our family has grown from three to seven!! (Yes, seven... more on that soon!)

Coming up: Homesteading 103: People (that's us!)


  1. Ophelia. It's Liying. I was randomly looking up ex-Eusoffians and one page led to another. It has been so long since I last saw you but it really doesn't feel that way. Your tiny home experience as recounted in this blog looks amazing. I was hoping to catch glimpses of your girls in these photos (OMG belated congratulations!) and hope to see you for real some time down the road. Hugs :)

  2. Hey LiYing!
    Lovely to hear fro you!! Please email me at
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