Monday, November 16

The Bus is SOLD!

Yes!  The bus has been sold!
Summer has come and gone... :(!
It has indeed been a long while.  We sold the teeny tiny living bus in September.  We are sad to say goodbye, but we are also excited for the adventures that the new owner will have in the cozy wood cabin that we designed, helped build and lived in for 2 years.

What have the teeny tinys been up to?  Well, in June, we moved into our new house!  We didn't have much to move, but we did have quite a bit of house to fill.  It was the absolute opposite of downsizing.  Ugh!  I can't say I enjoyed the materialism and consumerism (more on that another time), but we are now happy house dwellers and enjoy our new home.

The dogs enjoying the new house
tBoy built our fence (with help)... Next summer: the garden
We have moved into town, but luckily still have forest right behind our house (above photo).  We have views of the mountains from our front porch and we are within biking distance to everything we need (groceries, library, yoga studios, farmers market etc.)

Speaking of riding around town, I bought an old metal bike trailer and spray painted it my favourite colour, got help to build the sides to keep dogs and groceries in, varnished it and then bought a commuter bike to match it (yes, some may say that buying a bike to match the trailer is a bit backwards, but I just knew that I would find the right bike afterwards!)

I'll have to snap some shots of me out and about with the doggies

We moved away from one river, but we are a 5-minute bike ride from a different (equally lovely) river now...
tDog2 with our neighbour and her new best friend at the river
And we are now much closer to the ocean - about a 20-minute bike ride instead of a 20-minute drive.
tDog2 ready to fetch sticks during low tide

Ooooo... and the glorious SUNshine of summer.  We certainly reveled in it!
Riding bikes, of course
Climbing rocks too
And sometimes riding our bikes to go climb rocks
Swims in lakes, rivers and ocean
Occasional visits to the big city (always with a stop at the beach)
This tDog has grown!  She's the best trail dog.
I've procrastinated in writing because there is so much, but also so little to write about all at once! So much because it has been a big shift for us to move into a house with barely any furniture (actually none really!)  Yet, so little because I wasn't sure if this blog was going to continue since it was meant to chronicle tiny house living, and well, we are no longer living in our tiny home.

Upon much reflection, however, I've decided that teeny tiny living does not have to happen in 200 square feet. Owning a house challenges our values about living simply and in many ways makes us think more about how we live.  We are continually trying to find balance between the economical pressures that surround us and living as authentically and as close to our beliefs and values as possible. 

So.  This blog will go on.  It will continue to be an exploration of teeny tiny living.  Now that we have all this space, we are looking at ways to give back... to share what we have (physically and figuratively).  With those we love... with the community...  and perhaps even with those in need farther away.  For now, these are just conversations, but we hope to soon act upon these ideas. 
Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we'll enjoy what is left of autumn as we anticipate winter (and snow hopefully!)
Can you spot tDog2?
See you soon!

Monday, June 1

This BUS Can be YOURS!

The BUS is officially for SALE!!!
The first person who:
Loves it
Wants it
Pays for it
GETS it!

 The possibilities of how to decorate the inside are endless... Fill it your way with your style...

All appliances are included in the price of the bus
How we made our home... (It's actually very spacious and not so teeny tiny!)

The large 4'X4' skylight adds so much light (even on cloudy days)
Couch and bed can be yours too (optional)
The 'bedroom' fits a queen sized bed with room on both sides to get in and out
Built in table.  Chairs can be included.

Table extends to seat up to 6 (2 on couch and 2 on each of the two sides of the table)

Small apartment size (not RV) fridge and washer

Propane range (you can live in a bus AND bake!)

Two electric heaters...

One on each side of the couch

Book shelf modified to perfectly fit the front of the bus
When you enter the bus...
Shelves and rod for hanging jackets etc.  We store hats and scarves in the chest.  Chest is removable to return bus driver seat when the bus is driven.
The bathroom is entirely lined with cedar...
Enclosed for privacy (with space saving closet door)
Cedar shower (with skylight)
Composting toilet
The bus has its very own electric panel
With a wooden door to hide it :)!
Large powerful exhaust fan in the bathroom that has dual function... works for bathroom and kitchen (which is right outside)
External shelter included with the bus.  Can be removed and rebuilt in new location.
On-demand propane hot water heater is mounted on the exterior of the bus to save space.
Box can be closed and locked for driving
What are those structures on the roof?  The middle is the large skylight.
The front one is the shower skylight

The last one is the wardrobe.  Hard to tell in this photo... but you stand on the bed and there is enough shelving for all of tBoy and my clothes and even bedding etc. There is a rod (not shown here) to hang shirts.
Yes!  The bus drives... We drove it here :)!
Got Questions?
Thought so.
Check out the FAQ post on May 29 (keep scrolling down).
May the fastest buyer win!!!

This can be the bus driving to your place :)!