Monday, June 1

This BUS Can be YOURS!

The BUS is officially for SALE!!!
The first person who:
Loves it
Wants it
Pays for it
GETS it!

 The possibilities of how to decorate the inside are endless... Fill it your way with your style...

All appliances are included in the price of the bus
How we made our home... (It's actually very spacious and not so teeny tiny!)

The large 4'X4' skylight adds so much light (even on cloudy days)
Couch and bed can be yours too (optional)
The 'bedroom' fits a queen sized bed with room on both sides to get in and out
Built in table.  Chairs can be included.

Table extends to seat up to 6 (2 on couch and 2 on each of the two sides of the table)

Small apartment size (not RV) fridge and washer

Propane range (you can live in a bus AND bake!)

Two electric heaters...

One on each side of the couch

Book shelf modified to perfectly fit the front of the bus
When you enter the bus...
Shelves and rod for hanging jackets etc.  We store hats and scarves in the chest.  Chest is removable to return bus driver seat when the bus is driven.
The bathroom is entirely lined with cedar...
Enclosed for privacy (with space saving closet door)
Cedar shower (with skylight)
Composting toilet
The bus has its very own electric panel
With a wooden door to hide it :)!
Large powerful exhaust fan in the bathroom that has dual function... works for bathroom and kitchen (which is right outside)
External shelter included with the bus.  Can be removed and rebuilt in new location.
On-demand propane hot water heater is mounted on the exterior of the bus to save space.
Box can be closed and locked for driving
What are those structures on the roof?  The middle is the large skylight.
The front one is the shower skylight

The last one is the wardrobe.  Hard to tell in this photo... but you stand on the bed and there is enough shelving for all of tBoy and my clothes and even bedding etc. There is a rod (not shown here) to hang shirts.
Yes!  The bus drives... We drove it here :)!
Got Questions?
Thought so.
Check out the FAQ post on May 29 (keep scrolling down).
May the fastest buyer win!!!

This can be the bus driving to your place :)!

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  1. This is beautiful! May I ask how much you're selling it for?