Wednesday, February 20

Teeny Tiny Beginnings

teenyGIRL + tiny BOY + teenytinyDOG (can you spot her?)

Hello!  Welcome to the teeny tiny living blog.  A space about living large in a teeny tiny home.  

So who are we and why are we blogging?  We are a couple (tGirl + tBoy) and our dog (tDog) who love being in nature: riding bikes in the mountains, climbing on rocks, walking through the forest and swimming in the ocean.  We are tired of the uncertainty of being home renters and are ready to embark on home ownership. Yet, we are not looking to build a mansion in the suburbs.  Quite the contrary.  We are dreaming of a teeny tiny home nestled in the forest near a river where we can grow food and be close to places where we love to play.

Once we decided that this is what we wanted to do, we began searching the internet for ideas, models and help!  And what we discovered is that, although the tiny house movement is growing, there is still very little out there about it - there are still very few people who are choosing this (for now).  So this blog is a place to share our journey in smaller, simpler living.  A space to share what we learn: triumphs + challenges and along the way, we hope to gather wisdom, knowledge and tips from friends/readers and to inspire others!

Please note: We are not only first time home builders, but we are also first time bloggers, so please bear with us while we navigate these two worlds.

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