Friday, April 12


Remember that container?  Turns out it's like this:
There is a lot of water damage and the wood is completely crumbly.  So what does that mean for us?  Well.  We can't (won't) use it, of course.  And.  We have decided to build the same structure with new (mostly) material because:

1. we were planning to have a sleeping loft or second floor anyway,
2. we need a shed,
3. ttBOY wants a climbing (bouldering) wall/room,
4. it is much easier to have the shower in a building rather than on the bus because tBOY is too tall for a bus shower.  So we would have had to cut a hole in the floor (hence structure) of the bus - which may not be such a good idea.

So considering the cost to build all these things separately, it makes $ sense to build one bigger (30'x10') structure to house it all.

What we did find out in choosing to use the container is that the plumbing/septic is already set up in its existing location.  It makes sense to build the new structure in the same location.  Which means we need to dismantle the container before we can start building.  Sigh!  tBOY, tBrother and tFriends will get on that this weekend.

On a more productive note, some things started to happen yesterday!
tCarpenter scored 2 skylights at the building recycling centre.  Instead of paying $350+ and $250+, we got them both for $55!!  So he got to work right away and cut out the first hole in the kitchen area.

The landlord began taking apart the brick structure (where we were initially going to build a concrete pad for the bus).  It'll be great when all this is gone and it is only greenery!  He got help from 2 young travellers who are working for him for room + board.  He also started to cut down some tree branches to make a passage for the electrical lines that will be installed (soon?!)

As for me, I took things to the dump.  It was my first time driving with a trailer.  Not so straight forward :)! But I managed.  And then I went (twice) to the building recycling store to pick up the larger (4'x4') skylight (didn't fit in the car, had to return with the trailer).
The day before, I bought my first garden tool (we have always been able to borrow/share with neighbours).  A shovel!  The landlord gave me some compost (thanks!) and I started mixing it into the soil.

Of course it would not be a home building day if we did not encounter some sort of challenge.  Remember how we were so fortunate to have friends who lent us a generator until we got power hooked-up?
Well.  It's not powerful enough to power tCarpenter's tools :(!  Renting a generator costs $250/week and that does not include the gas we need to put in it.  By the pace of things so far, I think it is reasonable to assume that we will be without power hook-up for a good many weeks.  BUT!  tCarpenter (yah!) was able to borrow one from a friend who is willing to be paid back in beer!!!  Oh.  He will get so much beer he won't remember that he owns a generator!!!

Phew.  Another obstacle overcome.

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  1. YAY! sounds like its all coming along ... well ... maybe slow ... but keeping you guys busy!
    can't wait to see the final production! :)