Thursday, July 25

Living in the Bus!

Hello Lovely People.

So much has happened since the last post.  Life has been messy and so full (in the best of ways, of course!)  We have been swamped with bus things (never-ending) and summer vacation (road trips, camping, mountain biking, visitors from France, swimming in the lake etc.)  And then I encountered some computer technical issues (still unresolved :(!  If anyone knows how to reset a MacBook USB drive - please help me.)  So I'm here on tBOY's PC...


Yep.  You got it folks.  We are school bus dwellers :)!  How did we get here?  Let us recap in photos:
So.  As planned, the gravel did arrive the next day.  But...
it was the wrong type of gravel (of course!)  It was too fine.

So we had to wait until the next day to receive the right gravel :(! tBOY rented a compactor and got to work.  His arms were shaky after a couple hours with that machine - eeks!

And power came!!!
Our bus cleaned and ready for our stuff!
After the couch and chairs were moved in.
Some kitchen stuff put in.  And testing the lights and plugs.  They all work!!!  Phew :)!
View from where the bed will be at the back of the bus.
Bed put in!  Look at the view from our window.  We're right in the Forest!  We can touch the leaves if we stick our hands out the window :)!  (Well.  Almost.)
Our first night in the bus.
Our stove still has to be converted from natural gas to propane (hopefully next week).  So for now, we are semi-camping.  Cooking with our camping stove.
Most of our stuff has been moved in!  (The bed will be raised when tCarpenter returns so we can add more storage space - and then all our stuff will be on the bus!)
Everything fits in the kitchen cabinets and shelves (as planned and designed by yours truly!)
Tea collection above the counter.
The wooden cubbies fit nicely onto the shelf. Current paint job is: Circa 1990s done by siblings at ages 6 and 9.  I bought some fabric to cover and redecorate them (will post pics of the finished craft project). It's time for something new!
All the glass jars of goodies fit nicely on the shelves.
Front of the bus. 
As you may remember.  We had to build a wooden structure above the wheel well.  The couch is larger than the structure, so we needed to create feet for it.  We found 2 stumps in the Forest and cut them to fit. The bark matches the ones we used to cover the metal rods holding up the shelves :)!
Our coffee table converted into our kitchen table/desk.  Structure built over wheel well designed to maximize leg room (ingenious tCarpenter design!)
Front entrance.  Coats and jackets hung up and baskets above for storage.  tDog sleeps on the bench because she snores and the bench is the farthest away from us she can be!  We were initially worried about the snoring (as she used to sleep in a separate room from us).  But with the distance and the bathroom wall, she has not woken us with her snores yet!  The other bonus is that she is too scared to jump down from there, so there is no fear of her coming closer to our bed in the middle of the night.  We just let her down in the morning :)!
tBOY bolting the composting toilet in the bathroom.
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but... Thank goodness for our composting toilet! 
When we first moved in 2 weeks ago, we didn't have running water. 
All we had was electricity and this composting toilet! 
It has been wonderful.  No smells!
So that is us and the bus!  We now have running cold water.  The water heater has to be installed.  We have someone lined up for Tuesday - right when we get back from our camping/climbing trip that we are leaving for tomorrow.  This guy will also convert the stove to propane so we can cook!  

Oh.  And we did our first load of laundry today!  No leaks that we know of - phew!  The spinning was rather violent though, so we need to find a way to pad the floor and make sure nothing falls off the shelves whenever we do a wash!

Apart from living in and loving our new home..
We have been hosting tBOY's cousin from France by taking dips in the lake to keep cool...
Riding bikes and then eating lots...
Going on a long & tiring (but tons of fun) road trip!
To meet my cousin for some crazy Oregon Country Fair silliness...
Where I got some lovely pottery for the bus!
And met many people who live in buses!  (These are our people!!!)
As I type, I am nursing a MTB injury where I fell on my face (going too fast LOL!) and having my lip ring pierce a new hole in my lip and getting the bead embedded in the new hole!!  tBOY had to perform surgery with the bike tool pliers to get it out - OUCH!  So I'm hanging out in our new home and marveling at how...

And this...
Has turned into reality...  Into our very own...  Teeny Tiny Home!  (Perhaps you are marveling too!)


  1. Hello!
    This is Gerard, we met at the wedding last weekend and you gave my friend Eleni and I a tour of your home.
    I told my fiancée, who is a nut for unusual home projects (she is the one who watches the British show Grand Designs), and she is dying to know whether your home gets noisy at night and if so, what your sound proofing solutions are.

  2. Hey Gerard!

    Nice to hear from you! Interesting that your fiancée is thinking about sound proofing?! THE reason we were inspired to build our own place was because of noise. We wanted to get away from human-generated noise... We didn't think about nature's music...

    The roof of the bus is metal, so we certainly hear the rain. This is a new for us, because since moving into the bus in mid-July it has been sunny... but not anymore :(! tBOY loves the sound of the rain - he finds it calming and a reminder of being in nature. Me. I'm not so sure I like it. Our previous cabin had a metal roof as well, so we are not new to the sound of falling rain, however, the bus is right beneath the trees, so we don't hear the rain until the leaves are saturated with water, and then the drops are huge and it is extra loud! So it always sounds like it is raining harder than it actually is.

    We don't have (or need) a 'solution' per se. I think this is all about being in nature (... ask me again at the end of the 10-month rainy season!)