Thursday, November 28

Crafts & Nature Time

I finally found the time to revamp those old IKEA cubbies that date back to my teenage years.  As I had mentioned in a previous post, some of them were painted by my siblings at ages 6 and 9... so it was definitely time for a make-over.  Here are some before and after pics:
My young sister decided to paint her name on her cubbies... so of course our younger brother had
to do the same thing. The letters are out of order... Can you guess their names?

The ones without letters were mine.  It made a pattern when in the right order...
I got so inspired that I even did the teeny cubbies and folder holders at the front of the bus:
tCarpenter built an extension for the table - using parts that were cut off of the original coffee table (so it's the same wood!)  We had an inaugural dinner on it with tCarpenter + friend.  Yep.  The bus comfortably fits 4 for dinner and probably even 6!
When we first moved into the bus, I tried to treat the kitchen countertops with a natural oil (i.e. no chemicals, no fumes, nothing artificial/toxic).  But.  It was not resistant to daily wear and tear :(!  So we ended up with a number of stains and burns - darn.
So yesterday, I sanded away the stains with an electric sander.  It was like magic!  A big plug-in eraser.  Very satisfying to see my countertops return to its original flawless state!
Before sanding
The finish that I used was not 'all natural' this time and the fumes made me nauseous :(!  Fortunately, both tDog and I did not stay in the bus to breathe it in.  I was seeing clients at the clinic and tDog was on duty as the therapy dog at the local high school.

I gave in to the use of somewhat toxic chemicals because I reasoned that most kitchen counters are probably treated with something.  And if we do not treat this wood, it will continue to get more damaged and crack (it already did in a few spots).  Sigh!  I had fantasies of building a toxin-free home, but alas...  It is difficult to source toxin-free materials/furniture/finishes (if they even exist), not to mention that if we do find them, they are usually quite (too) expensive.  Also, the toxin-free options are often less effective/durable/practical.
Counters drying
Other news:
Baths are working out in the bus shower for tDog - designed with her in mind:
 I made sure to create a lip high enough on the side of the shower to keep water and tDog in!
She still doesn't love baths, but she's always patient and cooperative when she gets them!
tBOY created a standing desk for himself for working at home
This mama cow on the farm had a still birth.  Super sad.
I am happy to report that she is recovering and doing well.
So now we have fresh raw milk again.
Thank you Mother Nature for such gifts.
Lastly, tBoy, tDog and I have made a commitment to ourselves to get Nature time every. single. day.  On weekends, we have no problems being outside because outside is our playground :)!  The days that are more challenging are the ones after a long day of work in the Fall/Winter when it's cold and wet (rain/snow) and so very dark outside (like now).

On days when we don't have much time, we do a loop around the farm where we live.  We are finding that it is a very different place in the night/dark.  We've been having the best time searching for salmon in the river with our flashlight, walking in the dark trying not to walk into trees (not always successfully!), rediscovering our other senses: smell and hearing.  When we have more time, we go a little farther away to explore in our warm clothes and boots with our headlamps :)!

On that note.  It's Nature Time :)!  Off into the darkness we go...

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