Sunday, December 8

Showers are Overrated

I spoke too fast when I said that our frozen pipe problems were fixed.  We defrosted the kitchen sink  and thought: Problems-Be-Gone... But in the evening when we went to take a shower... Yep!  You guessed it.  Nothing.  No water.  Since it was late at night, we just made due with washing ourselves using the kitchen sink.  The next day (yesterday) we had a full day and didn't get to the water pipe issue.  tBOY and ttDOG went for a long bike ride and then tBOY went for a one-hour massage while I did arts & crafts with girlfriends on the bus.  Then we had fondue (with our beautiful new fondue set):
 We figured we would deal with the situation today.  So this morning, tBOY got to work... crawling under the bus with the hair dryer :)!

Unfortunately, after 20 minutes, there was still no running water.  We think that there are a few places where the water is frozen and the hair dryer is not going to work.  So we did the most logical thing we could think of...
We went for a bike ride :)!

We're not sure how to tackle this water pipe problem.  We hope that warmer temperatures forecasted for later this week will defrost the pipes and then tBOY might go in and redo the insulation (with more heat tape).  We decided that this can be a project for Christmas holidays.  We are not too concerned about not having running water in the shower as we can either:
1. wash in the kitchen sink,
2. wash in the shower with a bucket of warm water (from sink) or
3. take a shower at tBrother's cabin (200m from our place).

So we went to ride bikes!  But brrr... It was COLD!! My fingers and nose were frozen like the pipes :(!  ttDOG protested against the ridiculous jacket we made her wear by refusing to leave the bus (but I think she thanked us for it once we got into the forest).

The stream was half frozen
ttDOG's fav part about bike rides... treats :)!

A stop at a sunny spot to warm up and check out the view
The lake was partly frozen.
tBOY thought it would be fun to put ttDOG's treat on the ice...
ttDOG is super cautious and wasn't sure about the ice (despite the treat!)
But after a little encouragement (and perhaps a push in the bum by tBOY)...
She got it!
After our ride, I went to pick up my new skis (the bindings were put on).  The worst part about this cold cold weather is that there is NO snow on the mountains for us to try out all our new slack-country ski gear.  So sad!

I guess I'll go take my shower in the kitchen sink now :)!

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