Tuesday, June 4

Photo Update

I know.  I know.  It's been a while.  Lots has happened.  It's June and we have not moved into our new home yet.  We got a one month extension at the cabin we are in now (phew!) and tCarpenter is working long hours to get the bus to a state that we can move into.

Big news: The bus will no longer reside on the land that we have shown you.  Negotiations re: where its new home will be is in process (super stressful?  Yes!)  For now, tBOY and I are just so relieved to not have to deal with the previous landlord anymore.  How bad was it?  Well, let's just say that by the end, we preferred to be without land rather than to be on his land.  More on that in another post.

For now.  I'll just give you a photo update of our soon-to-be home.  
The bus has been moved off the previous #$@! landlord's land
and into tCarpenter's backyard.
(Can you spot tDog jumping around?)
This is the bathroom - framed.  It awaits plumbing which will hopefully happen this week.

The counters have been built.  On the right side is the stove, sink and washing machine.
On the left is the bathroom, fridge (not in photo) and dryer.
At the end of the cabinets (on each side), I asked tCarpenter to build custom shelves to house my little
IKEA cubbies (I have 24 of them).  They are great for stationary, sewing stuff and
miscellaneous messy things.  I'll repaint the cubbies when I decide on a colour.
Remember the wheel wells?  They add an extra design challenge to the bus layout...
On the left side, we are making it our desk/kitchen table.  tCarpenter built a structure over the
wheel well to hold our current coffee table.  tCarpenter will remove the outer 4 cubbies
(leaving only the middle row) so that there is leg room under the table.
A future project will be to create a table extension (that can be pulled out when needed).
Also.  On the bus wall, tCarpenter has put in insulation (styrofoam) and a moisture barrier (plastic).
VoilĂ  the panelling along the side of the bus. For now, there is a trim on
the top of the panels and one on the bottom will be made as well (doesn't it look great?!)
On the right side will be the living room (a.k.a. the couch).
The structure built over the wheel well is flat so that we can place the couch over it.
Longer legs will be built on the couch so that it is the height of the highest point of the wheel well.
tCarpenter making measurements for the insulation of the skylight.

Panelling is then added along the side of the skylights. It will eventually have a
glass shelf along the panelling to house glasses, plants etc. - while still allowing the light in.

This beautiful structure is the clothes closet that is above where the bed will be
(the house-looking structure at the back of the bus).
It has been panelled and a shelf has been built.

tBOY helping to remove the old caulking along the outside of the bus.
It's old and crusty and water is seeping through :(!
tCarpenter putting in the new caulking that will hopefully keep us dry.
Me varnishing the panelling.
tElectrician at work.
There you have it folks.  While writing this, tCarpenter has been building and installing shelves that go along both sides of the bus - above the counter in the kitchen and along the sides of the bed.  tBOY will be meeting with our new (current) landlord to discuss land rental tonight.  

Even though it feels like our lives have been taken over by the bus project, it hasn't.  We still have adventures...
We went on a camping trip to the Sunshine Coast
Riding and hanging out with these hooligans.
Riding at the Whistler Bike Park...
where tBOY broke the bike frame on a jump :)!  Eeks!
And rock climbing with my girlfriend
Things to look forward to?
The new bus location will be close to these creatures...
and this guy :)!
 More details coming soon.  Until next time friends!


  1. Hello. Great build! What brand/model are your base board heaters?



    1. Hi Scott,

      I don't know the brand of our heaters (it is not indicated on the heaters themselves and we no longer have the boxes that they came in). But I can tell you that we got them at Home Depot and they were quite inexpensive - about CND $100 each.