Tuesday, June 25

T-minus 6 Days

It's been an exciting time as the progress on the bus is happening fast!  We have 6 days until we are to be moved into the bus!!!  Luckily tBrother is moving into our current cabin, so we have a little wiggle room re: exact current cabin vacating date.  tBOY and I are aiming to be in by the 1st.  We are tired of this state of limbo where we're living in a we-are-about-to-move-so-there's-no-point-in-cleaning mess!

So what's new?  tCarpenter has been working on the front of the bus and it looks amazing...
The operating panel has been nicely covered in wood.
A rod has been put in for hanging coats (see hanger).
Storage space has been created above where the jackets will be hung.
The cover for the chest has been cut so that it can open all the way
(instead of hitting the steering wheel).
Here is the inside of the chest.  The raised section is the bracket for mounting the driver's seat.
The front wall has been panelled :)!
An old bookshelf has been converted into a shoe rack at the entrance of the bus.
The blinds on the right cover the air conditioning vents of the bus.
It can be opened when needed (when driving).
The exterior wall of the bathroom is being panelled.
(Once again, the talented tCarpenter)
The before-panelling (right) and after-panelling (left) bathroom wall.
Also, the door frame has been built along with the trim around it.
The switches have been covered with white plates
and wood to cover the metal.
Trim has been added along the arch of the ceiling.
Small detail, but so important for the overall look of the bus :)!
(The wood covering the metal rod has been removed while I varnish the shelves)
Trim has been added to the back wall and along the clothing shelf.
Our rented land will not have a septic tank.  Which means no flushing toilets :(!  So we have a composting toilet.  Nope.  I'm not stoked about this one.  But luckily tBOY (my love) has promised to take on the responsibility of emptying it (blah!)  tBOY did the research and the one we got has great reviews (i.e. does not smell).  It is apparently a popular model for boats.

There are separate compartments for liquids and solids.  Liquids can be emptied out in nature or into another toilet.  Solids become compost (it better!) and can be put into one's regular trash... or into the garden??? (Don't worry, not mine!)
So here it is.  THE composting toilet.
It takes up less space and costs 10 times more
than the regular toilet we initially bought.
As mentioned in the last post, we have decided to go with a regular shower base
(vs. metal or plastic barrels).
It looked square in the picture online, but came in this funny shape.
Can anyone tell me what the point of this parallelogram is?
The hole for the drain is not cut (even though we paid over $200 for this thing!)
and it looks like the outline for it is smaller than the standard drain (sigh!)
Thanks goodness for tCarpenter who will figure it out.  
Our gas stove :)!
The land is almost ready.  The spot for the bus has been created.
Trench for the water pipes...
that travelled through the horses' pen.
That day, the horses had to stay in their stalls for the morning (thanks horsies!)

tBOY had to make a few runs to the big box home building store (poor guy).
But he finally got the right fittings for the pipes (phew!)
Yep.  They work.
As for tDog.
She has been hanging out in the middle of all the construction and breathing in sawdust.
But as usual, no complaints from her - ever!
Me?  I've been sanding, varnishing, filling in holes in the wood.
Happy Bus Home Owner!

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