Wednesday, June 4

Teeny Tiny Critter...

We live on a farm.  In the country.  Surrounded by forest.  Among all types of wildlife.  So.  It was bound to happen...

One day, I noticed little brown pellets on my counter.  In a healthy state of denial, I cleaned it up and assumed it was some food crumbs.  And suppressed any thoughts of them resembling mouse droppings.
Well.  The next day... there was more :(!
It had to be true:

We were due for some spring cleaning which tBOY and I had been putting off for weeks... so what better time than when some teeny tiny critter decides to move in to kickstart some serious sterilizing.

We pulled out all our baskets and storage containers to see where our uninvited friend (or friends - at that point we weren't sure how many were in the party, if there was a party) decided to hang out...
Behind the storage baskets: CHECK
Chewing the storage baskets: CHECK
Making a mess chewing the storage baskets: CHECK
Potato starch: CHECK
Yeast: CHECK
ttDOG's salmon treats: CHECK
In the towel basket: CHECK (luckily that is ttDOG's towel!)
Eventually, we just decided to take EVERYTHING out of the bus.  It turned out to be a whole-day project :(!
Moving stuff off the bus
Turns out we are dental floss hoarders!
It's because tBOY insists on Desert Essence Dental Tape
(and you can only get it in select stores, so we stock up)
and the dentist keeps giving us all those little ones...
So much for downsizing :)!
And while we were at it...
tBOY did some long overdue varnishing
And we cleaned under the bed
Of course, we had to try to figure out where the teeny tiny critters were coming in and we needed to seal any possible openings.
Nope.  Not through the front of the bus says tBOY
Ah ha!  Behind the stove, there is space around the pipe...
I had to climb over the counter and behind the stove
because the propane hose was not long enough for
us to move the stove completely out of its spot.
Thank goodness for the yoga I've been doing!
VoilĂ !  Nothing tin foil and duct tape can't fix!
And then.  We had to catch this little critter :(!  So...
What mouse can resist Dulce de Leche?
(Thanks friends from Venezuela!)
Sure enough.  At 2:33am.  SNAP!  
We kept the trap out for a few more days... but nothing.  And no more mouse droppings... which we hope means... no more mice!

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