Friday, December 5

Autumn News and Contest (to WIN!)

Autumn is here and winter is coming...
It's that time of year to sweep the leaves from the bus roof again
Fall cleaning: Sorting through my wardrobe
tBoy has been working hard to increase insulation and minimize condensation.  The windows are where we lose the most heat and get the most condensation.  First he tried a sort of industrial saran plastic wrap on the windows to create an inexpensive version of double-paned windows.  After many frustrating hours of measuring, cutting, sticking and blow drying, it didn't even work :(!  It's because tBoy was unable to create an airtight seal because of the wood we lined at the bottom of the windows.
tBoy using the hairdryer (trying) to create the seal for the plastic wrap
Do you remember the bubble wrap at the back of the bus... not so pretty, but so effective?...  Remember how I thought we should bubble wrap many more windows?  Well, tBoy didn't think it was a great idea last year, but this year...
(Looks like the bus needs a power wash in the spring!)
We now have a bit of a UFO bus :)!  We only have this silver bubble wrap on the last three windows of the bus (on both sides).  tBoy cleverly put industrial velcro on it, so that in the spring and summer when the temperatures increase, we can remove the insulation so that light can shine in again.  For now, it makes the back of the bus (the bedroom) darker, but the days are so short anyway and the sky is usually overcast (fall/winter in the rainforest), so it doesn't make a huge difference.

Here's how I covered up the windows on the inside:
I found these cute little clothes pins :)!
So far this fall, we've been lucky with the weather.  We had a dry spell - some cold temperatures but not much rain.  So we had a bonfire at our friend's.  Yep.  She lives in a bus too...
She has a flatnose
Fire, beer, sausages (can you see one roasting?)
Homemade soup to warm us up... Oooo!
My friend's artist work space
Bathtub in her bus - Jealous!!!
Cozy dog

Adventures this season...
Digging (more) holes in dirt
Finding the BIGGEST mushroom ever!
tBoy has a new toy and hobby :)!
I gave it a try too...
We're not too shabby :)!
Ski season has begun :)!!
The story of our bus is at the Tiny House Blog.
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Also.  The English version blog post about our bus is now up at The World of Flow (English).
Apparently, I have a husband (don't tell tBoy!)
Check it out HERE.

As for the CONTEST in the title of this blog post:
tBoy has built a tent structure behind the bus...
And he dug a big hole underneath it...
Can you guess what it's for?
CONTEST: If you are the first person to correctly guess what tBoy will put under that tent in the comments section below...
You will WIN a copy of Tiny Homes on the Move where we appear on pages 58-59.
Good luck everyone!
And goodbye for now.


  1. Nice post, as always!

    Would tBoy be carving out some sort of cellar, by any chance? A root cellar? A beer cellar? Some other cellar?

    Warm salutations from the Nation's Capital region.

    1. Hi Leonard,
      Thanks for your guess :)! Unfortunately, it is not a root cellar... or beer cellar... though that would be nice!

  2. Some sort of fresh/rain water collection system?