Sunday, November 30

The World of Flow

Do you know Flow?
It is the most beautiful magazine from the Netherlands.  I (happily) stumbled upon it at a bookstore many months ago.  I loved it so much, I ordered all the back issues and I wrote to them about our bus :)!

We are featured in their online blog!  At the moment, we are only on the Dutch site.  The English version is awaiting translation and is to come soon (kind of funny, since the write up that I sent them was in English!)

If you are a lover of all-things paper, check out Flow:
And for anyone who reads Dutch... check us out here: 

I'll let you know when we are translated (back) into English :)!


  1. I found you via Flow (in English!) so it's up or I wouldn't be here.

    Love your bus. I am hopeful to live in a tiny house at some point, so the bus fits my dreams.

    1. Hi earthandink!
      Thanks for letting me know that we are on the English blog at Flow! I hope you get to live in the tiny home of your dreams soon!