Tuesday, October 21

Little Mountain Town

When we moved to this little mountain town over 2 years ago, we were seeking nature in proximity.  Read: Right outside our doorstep.  And we certainly got that...

Endless rainforest for tDog to get lost in (can you spot her?).
The bus is nestled RIGHT in the forest.
Rivers to play in with friends: human and canine.
This one runs right along the property the bus is on
This river is a 10 mins bike ride away
And this one is about a 15 mins bike ride away
tDog and my favourite lake to swim is a
45 mins hike away from the bus
Or do you prefer the Pacific Ocean? A 15 min drive away...
...where you can attend a yoga class (with your dog!)
right along the ocean with a view of the mountains 
We are also a 15 mins drive away from many
world-known rock climbing crags...
and bouldering sites.  This one is a 7 mins bike ride away
And world class mountain biking trails?  From the bus?
You can be on one in about 10 mins.
Drive 40 mins and you arrive at one of the
best (or THE best) mountain biking parks in the world!
Or ski that mountain in the winter...
that doubles up as a top ski resort
Into XC skiing?  Drive 35 mins to get here...
It was good enough for the Olympics
If you are into hiking, there are plenty
of hikes to many mountain tops
So where am I going with all this?  Well.  I guess we definitely got what we were seeking in moving here.  And for a long while, we really thought that we had it all.  We were happy and content small town peeps.  We play in nature all the time.  We have direct access (i.e. our neighbours) to locally grown organic (and bio-dynamic) food and we never have trouble finding parking in town.  

BUT (you knew this was coming!)... We started to realize that as much as we are into nature and the great outdoors... It turns out that we are into other things as well(!)  We started to miss Arts and Culture.  Now, it's not like we were going to the opera every week when we lived in the city (we didn't)... but suddenly when this is not an option at all, you realize that you want it.  We find that we crave academic lectures, film festivals, theatre, good restaurants... And more than anything, we want to talk to people about anything other than sports and outdoor activities and trail conditions and gear!! (with the extreme sports crew). Or composting toilets, septic tanks, heat source, veggie-oil powered vans!! (with the hippy folk).

If you live in the forest when you are still plugged in, that is, not living off grid and wanting to be a hermit (us) then it turns out that you have to DRIVE to the grocery store, to the yoga studio, to work, to your friend's... everywhere... everywhere...!  And if you want to be a part of a pottery studio or go to a bookstore or attend a university course (me) or do a certain type of martial arts or go to the climbing gym on a rainy day (tBoy) then you have to go to the city.  Wait a sec, didn't we just leave the city?!

So move back to the city, right?  Well, no.  Although we miss aspects of what a big city has to offer, we haven't forgotten about the things that drive us batty: the crowded streets (people and cars), the pollution, the lack of nature, the noise...

So for now, we are still here.  And at least the drive to the city is incredibly beautiful:
The highway runs along the ocean between the mountains
(it is on the right side of this photo)
But we are searching.  For a creative way to have the nature and the Arts and Culture.  So far, we haven't figured it out... but we are hopeful.  It may mean driving our bus elsewhere... or not.  We have yet to see.  But one thing is for sure.  When we wanted to stop being renters, but wanted to live in the forest, but couldn't find land that we wanted to buy... We got creative.  So we can do it again!  Stay tuned to see what happens to these teeny tiny people and their dog :)!


  1. Hey Guys! Found you on Tiny House Blog. I live in a converted school bus called the Just Right Bus and totally get where you're coming from. We're in Florida, right in the middle of the cool part of town but we crave nature, getting away from it all, freedom, basically everything you have.

    We are lucky though to be within (mostly) walking distance of all the things you say you miss, several grocery stores, some amazing food and bars, my work (at an arts studio, I'm a pottery teacher) and just a few miles from school for Chris. Life sure is tricky, huh?

    In any case, where you live is absolutely beautiful and it appears you're doing it right, even if you don't live there forever. If you want to see more pics of our bus check out www.justrightbus.com or we're on facebook if you're into that, www.facebook.com/justrightbus .

    1. Hello Kelly,

      Ha ha! We always want what we don't have... or actually, we just want it all :)! Where we live is so beautiful and even though we miss the big city things, we aren't ready to give up the nature yet. So for now, here we are.

      I just briefly checked out your blog (and will read more soon!) I scrolled to the very beginning... gutting out the bus... going to the dump... the big orange store for ideas... oh... the memories (I don't want to go back there though!!) And I love your bathroom. We tried to figure out a way to use the galvanized tub, but couldn't decide on the design and went with the cedar.

      I like your idea of having a bus conversion project directory. I'll be in touch about that.

      Happy Bus Living!

  2. hi, just found this blog. love the idea. i have thought of tiny houses and rvs and conversions and still in the market. i haven't read thru the entire blog but do you say how much you've invested into the bus? how you make any money while you are out in the woods? also - i am curious what area you all are in, is it a public park? and how you knew it was okay to be there.