Wednesday, October 1

Summer Time Away

Summer has come and gone and I finally have time to do a post.
We've been in the bus for over a year and we survived all the seasons!
In the last three and a half months, we have spent most of our time away from our beloved bus home travelling, riding, camping, playing.  I guess that was the point - to simplify so we can spend more time in nature doing the things we love...
So many swims in lakes, rivers and the ocean... 
Playing at the beach (yes tBoy caught a crab (temporarily) with his flipflops!)
Eating yummy food...
Riding our bikes in so many beautiful places...
ttDog had the best summer too... Is that not a happy-looking dog?
Spending time with good friends and family (like my lovely brother)
And many friends from all over came to visit and check out the bus.  Some even camped out in the yard :)!

Oh!  And we got interviewed for the local paper:

As for the plans for doing bus related things this summer (insulation, winterizing etc.), tBoy says that he didn't get to even a fraction of the things he wanted to do because we've been away + so busy (playing).  Hmm.  I think that is a testament to a great summer!
We hope your summer was amazing too!

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