Sunday, March 17

Carpenter Hired & Seats Be Gone!

We met with two more carpenters this morning (five in total).  We felt like we were conducting job interviews... well, I guess we were!  We finally made the decision and chose one.  Our teeny tiny home carpenter actually has experience with converting buses into mobile homes in the 1980s.  He helped a friend weld a VW van onto the roof of a bus.  And on top of the VW van they welded a VW bug convertible!  In the 80s, they were allowed to drive that around!!!  Back then tCarpenter even lived in a bus chasing the Grateful Dead.  He showed tBOY his GD tattoo - a culture reference lost on French tBOY!  

Also, the work has begun!  tBOY has been working hard all afternoon removing the seats using his new power tool.  

the first seat comes off the floor
Since we only have one angle grinder, there was not much that I could do to be helpful... and since it was sunny... I went for a mountain bike ride :)!
I was so impressed when I got back 3+ hours later.  tBOY had become a pro school bus seat remover!
Those sparks were pretty wild.  Check out the pile of Christmas presents (seats!) on the left.  And here is me and my big yellow bus!  I used to ride these to elementary school each day.  I imagine going back in time to myself when I'm 8 years old and telling me that one day I'll have my very own school bus - hee hee!
tBOY has returned and called it a day.  Only 6 seats left!  He definitely deserves the beer and cheese fondue that await him.  

Tomorrow: Meeting with tCarpenter in the morning to do some real planning.  Also going to show tCarpenter where the bus will be parked - stay tuned for pics of our land!

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