Saturday, March 16

School Bus Owners!

We are the proud owners of this:
Our bus arrived in the pouring rain in the dark
Happy bus owners!
It is parked next to our cabin and ready to be worked on.  The school delivered the bus to us - which was very helpful as you need a special licence to drive a bus.  It is a bus until the seats are removed, and then it's an RV which can be driven with a regular driver's licence.  I had to buy one day of car (bus) insurance for the delivery.  

Now onto the first task: seat removal. Luckily, our neighbour just sold us his angle grinder:
tBOY's very first power tool!
The seats are bolted down and initially we thought we would be doing a lot of unscrewing. But apparently the nuts are below the bus, which would mean that someone has to be underneath the bus holding the nut while someone else unscrews it from the top.  Very time consuming and unpleasant work.  So we learned that it is much easier to just grind the bolts off.  tBOY doesn't mind :)!  

tBOY and I also went to the big box home building store to get an idea about the cost of appliances and to get acquainted with the world of home building.  
tBOY: Wow!  Look at this massive machine!  And it's only $150!!
tGIRL: What does one do with it?
tBOY: I don't know.  But look at how much machine you can get for just $150!

The nice thing about the fact that tBOY is 6' tall is that it is pretty much the inside height of the bus (with the existing flooring) so when we are wondering whether something will fit into the bus, we just get tBOY to stand next to it.
Yep.  This stacking washer/drying combo will fit
Being in the big box store felt like being at the home show.  Everything is designed BIG to fill BIG houses.  After 1.5 hours of fluorescent lighting, we were so ready to go home.  

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