Wednesday, March 20

When converting a school bus...

So many things can happen in the span of a couple of days!  I guess it is also because it has to in our case because we are on a tight timeline (self-inflicted!). 

Yesterday, tCarpenter stopped by and dropped off some tools.  Our climbing/bouldering area under the deck was to become the workshop.  But then, upon further discussion, we realized that it would make more sense to construct the bus where it will be parked.  So that set off a bunch of phone calls and conversations with present and future landlords.
So now, we are going to be moving the bus to its new home (in the Forest) before we start the construction/conversion.  There is much more space for tCarpenter to spread out his tools and materials.  The power on the land has been deactivated as no one has been living there.  So on the to do list is to call the utilities company to find out what information is needed to reactivate it - whether we can do it or whether it has to be our future landlord etc.  

As for me today: more appliance research (blah!)  Luckily, I had the help of 2 friends who kept me on task!  They even fed me lunch and one of them showed me her trailer so that I can get a sense of small spaces and small appliances:
Her trailer is 19 feet long - which is just over half the length of the bus.  At this point, we're leaning towards forgoing RV appliances.  We feel that there is enough room for compact appliances (ones that are designed for apartments).  We have yet to lay the design onto the bus floor, so we may change our minds (not the first time!)

After meeting with my friends, I went to an appliance store.  I found everything that we're looking for.  The prices seem reasonable according to my research!  I just wish I had gone there from the beginning.  Unfortunately, because of the time constraint, we will probably end up with all new appliances.  I need to know the dimensions of the appliances to make the layout before tCarpenter can get started, so I don't have time to drive around for hours checking out secondhand stuff.  Sigh!

My friend read my blog and saw that I need a power washer et voilĂ :

I knew this blog would come in handy!  I also called a lumber company who can potentially supply us with the cedar we want (we love the smell of cedar!)  When tCarpenter has a better idea of what we need, he will send the lumber guy the list and get a quote.  I stopped to look at a wood stove, but it was not in stock - darn!  Finally, I got some masking tape at the hardware store and went home to do more internet research!

When tBOY came home from work, he went to start pulling out the plywood while I was having a texting conversation with tCarpenter - updating him on things.  Then tCarpenter casually mentioned that we should keep the plywood in while we worked on the roof!  So I had to run outside and stop tBOY from the destruction of the floor.  Ah... all in a day's work.

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