Sunday, March 31

We're Still Here!

Ok.  So where were we?  Ah yes.  Meters and power.  We are happy to say that we have resolved this issue.  That is not to say that there are not going to be inconveniences and a bit of a hassle (there are), but here is basically what needs to (and will!) be done:

1. Our landlord will replace the pole where the old meter used to be (needs maintenance).
2. We will hire an electrician to prep the pole/meter area and to issue permits needed by the utilities company ($500 + $50/hr for any additional work necessary).
3. We will pay the utilities company to install everything needed to activate the power - wiring, transformer etc. (>$1000).
4. This means that we do not have power right away for construction.  Luckily our wonderful friends have a brand new generator that they will lend us!  Hopefully it is powerful enough - which we will find out in a couple of days when the building begins!
5.  So basically tBOY and I will pay for the costs upfront and the amount will be deducted from our rent - so essentially our landlord pays for all the costs (since it is his responsibility to provide the power for the land).

Phew!  The plan is still on!  We are relieved that it is going to work out on this land - because it is a beautiful place to be.

However, before we met with our landlord and got this all sorted out (and I was rather stressed out), I went to meet the friend of a friend of friends (!) who is possibly interested in sharing land (10 acres).  Oh.  And he also lives in a bus - of course!

His bus is a big Greyhound-sized one
The inside is more spacious and the windows are huge (with a wood stove, bien sûr!)
The land includes this massive commercial-sized garden (used to be used for that purpose)
Turns out he wants to sell his bus.  But it is not set up the way that we want, and plus, the best part about our bus is we get to design and customize it our way (and it's big and yellow!)

Speaking of the bus, we've done a few more things:
This mucky floor...
got a good power wash (such a handy tool...
I should get one for the days tBOY decides he is too tired for a shower!)
These are the yummy wrappers that I swept off the floor, but that's not all...
when tBOY separated the seat cushions from the metal frames...
he found more goodies wrappers (yuck!)
The cushions and fabric went to the dump in our friends' big red truck (so jealous!)
Just back in and haul the stuff out.  The dump fee for all the cushions was $35, but...
by taking the metal to the scrap yard we made $50!
The bus seats paid for sushi :)!

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