Tuesday, March 12

To Do List

  1. Buy a bus
  2. Consult with professionals: carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc.
  3. Design the bus interior
  4. Research and buy appliances/fixtures: wood stove, stove/oven, fridge, washer/dryer, toilet, shower, sinks
  5. Downsize: sell, give away, donate STUFF
  6. Convert bus into teeny tiny home
  7. Prepare rented land for our bus home
  8. Move bus onto land
  9. Move into bus
  10. Build a shed
  11. Plant a garden
  12. Make a fire pit
  13. Have a bonfire party :)!

We are buying the bus!  I'm meeting with the school on Thursday to do the paperwork and arrange for delivery :)!  We are really doing this!  I'm so excited about the project that I want to tell everyone I meet about it (including the guy at the grocery store!)  At the same time, we have a rather daunting task ahead of us if we want to move into the bus by June.

We had dinner with new friends yesterday - and one of them is a carpenter.  He is happy and willing to share his building expertise with us.  Depending on his work schedule (which is out-of-town work) he may be able to actually help in the construction.  Otherwise, we will hire him on a consultant basis for a few hours to help us get started.

Just for the record.  We are not living off-grid (yet).  We will be plugged in: water, electricity, septic tank.  We will continue to have all the modern luxuries (as per the appliances list above) minus a dishwasher (this is the one technology that we are willing to forgo, and want to forgo actually).  Plus we'll always have tDog to help with the dishes:

ttDOG cleaning stew from the pot :)!
P.S. tBOY just came home and is super excited because a neighbour offered to sell us his grinder.  Apparently we can use it to grind off the bolts to remove the bus seats.  I'm trying to convince him that a tool should have more than one use for us before we buy it (especially if that one use is a one-time thing!)  tBOY is already fantasizing about being the owner of his first power tool :)!

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