Monday, March 18

Teal Bus. Teal Tool.

A chunk of today for me was spent in front of the computer researching appliances.  I met with tCarpenter to break down the project and to figure out what needs to happen first.  At the end of the meeting, everyone got some homework.

Remove the last 6 seats.  Remove flooring (rubber and plywood).

Power wash the inside of bus (which means locating a power washer).  Find and purchase/order appliances.  

Find out whether bus can be moved to a better location for construction (with current landlord).  Find out when bus can be moved to rented land (tCarpenter thinks it's best to build on site).  Design layout and map it onto cleaned bus floor.

Prepare his work space next to bus.  Design & gather materials to create a roof over the bus (with tarps etc.) to protect from rain (which is inevitable) while constructing loft + skylight.  Continue to come up with creative building/design ideas.

tBOY and I have until Friday to complete our tasks.  tCarpenter will be there bright (hopefully) and early Friday morning to get started.  (Where to start still remains to be determined!!)  

tBOY was working from home today (typing away on a computer and having phone conferences).  When he was done his workday, he got to the bus work.  After pulling out the last seats, he got to work on the flooring. It was back breaking work and tBOY has a completely new appreciation for skilled trades work (and me for tBOY!)

We considered keeping the plywood to save a little $ - since we would want to put in plywood as well.  However, once tBOY started ripping, we realized that it was too yucky and the glue for the rubber was stuck on so well that the plywood got ripped in some places.  So we will just gut it down to the metal and start from scratch.
All the rubber is gone!  tBOY is exhausted.
My work was less messy.  After spending too much time in front of the screen, I decided to go for a groceries run and made a stop at the home building store to pick up a power drill for tBOY.  We're planning on painting a strip of colour around the middle of the bus - partly to cover the name of the school that is still visible, but mostly to add a little contrast to the yellow (which we love and want to keep).  I was thinking teal.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?
The neat thing is, right after I grabbed the paint chips, I went over to the power drill department and solicited some help from someone working at the store. The drill he recommended turned out to be the same colour we are considering for the paint.  A sign?!

When I was sent on a mission to buy a 'good plug-in power drill' I was a bit worried that it would cost hundreds of dollars.  I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be only be $99! (And it wasn't even on sale.)  Phew!

I have to admit that when we first decided on a school bus as our home, I was a bit worried that people would think that we are wacky (and we are, I guess!)  But the response has been overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic!  A new friend yesterday is now considering one for herself.  3 boy neighbours stopped by today and expressed their envy for a big yellow school bus of their own.
"OMG!  This engine is amazing!" 
"So amazing in fact, let's stick our heads in it!!"
I suppose we have a biased sample.  These are all people who live where we live because they also love to be in the Forest and to play in Nature.  Most of them have creative homes as well (one lives in an Airstreamer, one built his own little cabin, one spends the whole summer living in a tent guiding wilderness retreats).  But still.  It's encouraging and fun :)!
P.S.  This is the roofing we want for our bus.  We also want similar panelling along the windows. Doesn't it look great?

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